To all essential workers in our community – we thank you.

Our community owes a debt of gratitude to those essential workers who have gone above and beyond during this time of great uncertainty.

We thank all front-line health workers who have put their own lives at risk to protect ours.

We thank local community organisations and service providers who have provided practical support to those in need, be it delivering food boxes or providing pastoral care.

We thank farmers for continuing to brave the onset of winter to plant, process and harvest the food required to keep our shop shelves full and our cafes open.

We thank local supermarket workers and greengrocers who have worked tirelessly to re-stack shelves and assist anxious customers.

We thank teachers and childcare workers for their ongoing care and nurturing of children while navigating new systems and technology.

This is not an exhaustive list. Far from it. But we thank every community member who has played a part in protecting us and supporting those at-risk.

While we have successfully flattened the curve, essential workers remain committed to serving our community and we must always show our gratitude as restrictions begin to ease.

Join me in thanking those essential workers who have gone above and beyond during COVID-19 by sending a personal message below.

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