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Protecting our marine sanctuary for this generation and future generations to come is a priority for me. That’s why, I’m asking for your support to keep our sanctuary safe.

The Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary is one of our community’s most treasured and significant environmental assets.

The sanctuary – protected under Victoria’s National Parks legislation – provides a safe stable habitat in which underwater flora and fauna have safely thrived in a protected environment for almost two decades.

Over the last year, members of our community have expressed concerns about a small but disruptive number of boaters and fishers from outside of our community who have consistently and unlawfully anchored or fished within the sanctuary.

Over time, the extent of underwater flora and features changes. The boundary of our sanctuary needs to accurately reflect the size and contours of the habitat that we’ve created for precious underwater species. For this reason, I will be writing afresh to the Minister to request a review of the marine sanctuary’s natural boundaries.

Reviewing the sanctuary’s natural boundaries will help us provide enhanced protection against the unlawful actions of a small minority, without impeding the use and enjoyment of the sanctuary by the vast majority of local residents who respectfully and safely boat, swim, and snorkel within its current boundary.

If you want to help keep our sanctuary safe, I’d be grateful if you join us by registering your support.


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