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Do you think our community’s green, open spaces are worth protecting?

The Andrews’ Labor Government has spent a lot of time spruiking its Suburban Rail Loop project, but it has spent very little time providing details about the project’s scope and impact to the residents whose lives and livelihoods will be affected by.

Across more than a two dozen parliamentary contributions, questions on notice, and direct representations – I’ve sought simple answers from the Minister for the Suburban Rail Loop to simple questions;

  • Where in Cheltenham will Suburban Rail Loop projects be carried out?
  • How much open space will be lost as a result of these works; and
  • Will the Government work with local Councils to replace any open space temporarily or permanently lost as a result of the project?

We know that local sporting groups, community organisations and other services are crying out for more recreational space so that locals can enjoy the environment in which they live in – and while Suburban Rail Loop has the chance to bring real value to our community – it cannot come at the cost of the quality of life which we enjoy now.

Residents have made it loud and clear – they don’t want stations, stabling yards and train tracks in their backyard, they want parks, playgrounds and public amenities that enhance our local area for years to come.

That’s why, I’m asking for your help by completing the survey included. What do you want to see in your local area? Are you happy to give away open space for the sake of the Suburban Rail Loop? Or do you have a better idea of what our open space can be used for?

By speaking with one voice, we’ll make our message to the Minister heard – projects in our community cannot compromise our amenity, our safety, and our open spaces.


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