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Just over 12 months ago, we began our campaign to have our community’s historic Hampton Pier restored and reopened for community use.

Hampton Pier has been enjoyed by local fishers, boaties, and walkers for more than 130 years.

Without community consultation or notice, the Victorian Government decided to close the pier. Safety concerns regarding Hampton Pier have been well known and documented by Parks Victoria for some time. So why close the pier now without any consultation or notice?

As a community, we need to fight this decision and send a strong message to the Victorian Government that closing our pier in this way is not on.  Further, our community needs to know when the pier will be fixed and reopened.

That’s why we need your support for the protection of the Hampton Pier – our community asset.


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Contact Brad Rowswell MP

Brad Rowswell MP
Suite 3, 56-60 Bay Road
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