More open space in Highett

You have a choice between more high-density high-rise apartments in Highett or more open space, sporting fields and, more train station car parking.

For the past eighteen months, I have fiercely campaigned to have Victoria’s Planning Minister, Richard Wynne, preserve the former Gas and Fuel land in Nepean Highway Highett for community use.

Minister Wynne has decided to re-zone this state owned land for private development, including high-density high-rise apartments – some of which will be 26 metres tall (9 storeys).

By doing this, Minister Wynne has confirmed that he would rather see cars and congestion on our streets than sporting fields and playgrounds.

We need to act quickly to make sure the Minister knows that our community wants healthy living, not high rise living.

Join me in the fight to preserve the Gas and Fuel land.

Sign the petition if you object to Minister Wynne’s decision to sell this land for private development.

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