• Please do not wrap gifts. This allows us to easily identify appropriate gifts for our service users.   Feel free to include some wrapping paper or a gift bag for them to use.
  • Please only donate new items. Sadly, the gift you donate may be the only present someone receives this Christmas. We know Christmas isn’t only about receiving gifts, but this is one way we can help families feel special.
  • We accept gift vouchers! Gift vouchers mean a parent/guardian who is struggling doesn’t miss out on the joy of purchasing a gift for their child. Gift vouchers are also an ideal gift for teenagers.
  • Each year we are overwhelmed with gifts for younger children, but always run out of gifts suitable for teenagers and parents. Please consider these older age groups when purchasing gifts.


  • Where appropriate please ensure items have long expiry dates and are non-perishable
  • Supermarket Gift Vouchers make a great addition to food hampers, allowing the recipient to purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and meat at Christmas.
  • Think Christmas: people will be receiving these packages as gifts. Where possible, donate brand-name products and include some special items to help people celebrate on Christmas Day.
  • Consider packing your groceries into a washing basket, reusable shopping bag or laundry bucket that can be reused by the recipient.
  • Consider providing choices that suit families with young children, people with allergies, the elderly or newcomers to Australia.

We appreciate your assistance with our Christmas Appeal.