Sandringham Hospital is the caring heart of our Bayside community and that same community will fight against any attempts to reduce services.

In December 2019, Alfred Health announced that they are closing 8 surgical multiday beds in Ward G2. Alfred Health have also announced they will also close ward G3. These bed cuts and ward closure will result in the displacement of seven effective full time nursing staff positions at Sandringham Hospital.

As our population continues to rise and as our population continues to age, we need to – at the very least – maintain existing health services and ideally increase and expand services.

The Andrews Labor Government and the Minister for Health cannot stand idly by and allow these services to be cut.

For the sake of the many tens of thousands of local residents who rely upon the outstanding service that Sandringham Hospital provides our community, I urgently request the Minister for Health to intervene and ensure that services will not be cut and instead commit to increase the services and capacity of Sandringham Hospital.

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